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What to expect?

Cryotherapy session- What to expect? Our trained Cryotherapy staff will greet you, discuss your goals, answer any questions you may have, and describe a cryotherapy session to you. You will then complete and sign the waiver which confirms whether there are pre-existing conditions that would preclude you from a cryotherapy session . We will make sure that you are completely comfortable before beginning session. Next you will be led into a private room, where we will provide you with dry socks, gloves and slippers to wear. Men need to wear cotton briefs or boxers. Women can wear cotton underwear but it is not necessary. Any jewelry or metal need to be removed. Our staff will explain what to expect, then step out of the room so you may undress in private.

Once you are undressed and in your protective clothing, you will step into the cryosauna and ring the bell located inside the cryosauna.

A staff member will come back into the room and start your session. They will then turn on the cryosauna and stay with you, talking you through the entire 2-3 minute process. Privacy is very important to us and only your head is visible throughout the entire session.

Once your session is over, the cryosauna will automatically turn off and the adjustable platform will lower to floor-step level. Our staff member will leave the room, allowing you to exit the cryosauna and get redressed. We will give you complete privacy. Your body will quickly warm back up to normal temperature. You will leave the room, feeling refreshed, energized and happy. This effect is from the endorphins that the brain release and can last up to 8 hours. Continued regular treatment can alleviate symptoms from chronic pain, injuries, and medical conditions and most people experience a sound night sleep.

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